ProForm Brand |

We Train To Live.

Life is hectic, but you’ve got a great handle on just about everything. That’s what makes you a life pro. With the experience of ProForm®’s home-based interactive training and treadmills, you’ll live life to the fullest.

They’re not another fly-by-night fitness gimmick as seen on TV. ProForm exists to give the life pro a fitness outlet to become the complete pro of their hectic life. They provide a complete, valuable, and hassle-free strength and cardio training experience at home on the worlds’ only truly interactive and personalized connected fitness platform, iFIT®.

Forget confusing workouts, ineffective products, and unnecessary equipment clutter. ProForm designs every one of their products with the intent to match the life pro’s lifestyle, including designing every one of our workouts to help life pros find their complete strength every day.